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6 Games not to miss

The Branch
Free + IAPs
Tap the screen to rotate the walkway to collect gems and prevent your character running into blocks that
push him off screen. It’s one of those annoying but addictive simple games.

Atlantic Fleet
Based on the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII, this turn-based tactical game offers serious strategy with excellent AI and stunning graphics. You can play as the British or German Navy.

Free + IAP
This souped-up, cutified Breakout game sees you smashing smiley-face ‘blocks’. Fun features include dual bats (top and bottom), timed stages, endless mode and a stack of power-ups.

Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL
Square’s tactical RPG spin-off offers sophisticated strategy as you control characters in a grid-based battle arena. While a nice conversion, it lacks the original PSP version’s multiplayer mode.

Galactus Space
Shooter Free + IAP
This old-fashioned shoot-’em-up takes us back a bit and plays well, too, as your auto-firing ship takes on waves of enemies and big bosses. You can play a couple of levels for free.

Free + IAP
In this innovative endless runner, you control the track rather than the character running along it, aiming to keep it level. A nice idea, although it soon gets frustrating as the slightest error proves deadly.

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Best Android games

MARIE BLACK rounds up our favourite titles of all time

There are loads of round-ups of the best Android games on the web, so what makes ours different? Well, for a start, we’ve included not only the most recent trending titles, but also our favourite games of all time – the ones we routinely go back to, despite them being released several years ago. These games never get old.

We also recognize that sometimes you have to put your hand in your pocket if you want something truly special, so while the majority of the Android games in our list are free, there are a couple of paid-for games, too. On the subject of payment, you should be aware that even free games usually contain paid-for elements – extra coins or customization options, for example. If anyone other than you – perhaps a child – is going to be playing games on your phone then it’s worth checking they won’t be able to purchase any of these extras without your permission.

Launch the Google Play app and tap the three vertical lines at the top left of the window. Choose Settings, then scroll down to Require authentication for purchases and ensure this is set to ‘For all purchases through Google Play on this device’. Also in this Settings menu you’ll find an option to Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only, because some games are huge and can kill your data allowance. When downloading a large game from the Play store you should get a notification warning you and recommending that you turn on Wi-Fi. Anyway, on to the fun stuff.

Pokémon Go
No best Android games list is complete without the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go. True, it has lost some of its popularity since it debuted in summer 2016, but there are still some die-hard players out there, and thanks to continuous updates Niantic and The Pokémon Company have managed to keep things fairly fresh.

This is an augmented-reality game, loved by anyone who has ever loved Pokémon or anyone who is likely to get sucked into the hype of the latest trend. It will also appeal to competitive types, who can attempt to find the most, best and most powerful Pokémon, then compete to win gyms (found at real-world places such as shopping centres and train stations).

Pokémon are caught by throwing PokéBalls at them, which can be collected from PokéStops in the nearby area. Pokémon Go really encourages kids to get up and walk about – more so if they want to hatch their eggs – and some of the places they find Pokémon can be fascinating. Pikachu sitting on the bathroom toilet? Quite possible.

A new batch of Pokémon was recently released into the wild, which gave some respite to long-time Pokémon Go players who had already ‘caught them all’. And now legendaries are coming, too. Other labels will still sync unless you turn them off. Thus, the messages will be available when you open the app. If some of your labels are of particular importance, you can also set them to notify on every new message instead of just once per label.

Minecraft Pocket Edition
Another Android game that will appeal to small- and big kids alike is Minecraft Pocket Edition, the mobile version of the Minecraft game played on PCs, laptops and consoles. It’s not free, but £2.99 is a fair trade for the hours it will keep you or the kids entertained. If you’ve never heard of Minecraft, crawl out from under whichever rock you’re hiding. Minecraft is a construction sim with endless possibilities – if you can think of something you can build it. So it’s not just fun, it’s also creative and educational. Awesome.

Super Mario Run
If you’re into gaming then you have to try Super Mario Run. It’s the first Super Mario game for mobile ever released by Nintendo, and has now made its way to Android after being an App Store exclusive since December 2016. Super Mario Run is, as the name suggests, a runner game. There’s one-touch gameplay and simple mechanics, but if you’ve ever played Super Mario before you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. You need to jump over gaps and obstacles, collect coins and avoid enemies as you attempt to make your way to the end of the level.

There are three modes, with World Tour the one you’re most likely to recognize. Each world is split into three conventional levels and then a Bowzer’s Castle boss level. Toad Rally is a second mode in which you try to beat the performance of other players, while Kingdom Builder lets you spend your ill-gotten gains from the other two modes on creating your kingdom. You can add buildings and decorative elements, and basically anything that will impress the toads enough to have them move in. The more toads you have, the more stuff you can unlock.

The SIMs
The SIMs Mobile is coming soon to Android, and it is going to be AMAZING, much closer to the PC and Mac game than we’ve ever seen before.

(It’s worth pointing out that there is a way to get The SIMs Mobile now, but we’d recommend  waiting for the final release in the UK.) Until it arrives you do have a few SIMs options. They’re not half as good as what we’re expecting from The SIMs Mobile, but they will allow you to get your SIMs fix. In the meantime we’d recommend The SIMs Freeplay, since if nothing else it won’t cost you a penny.

If you’ve never played The SIMs before, in essence you get to play God. You build and decorate homes, customize characters and experience every stage of their lives and everything that goes with that. You make the story whatever you want it to be.

Football Manager Mobile 2017
Of all the footie games available for Android right now, Football Manager Mobile is the most popular.

You can manage any club in 15 countries, taking charge of everything from who plays each game to tactics and transfers. New for the 2017 game are the ability to control leagues in Poland and Turkey, an improved user interface, the ability to search for and hire your own talent scouts, new transfer options and enhanced squad control.

If you’re an Android fan you’ll be more than aware of Nokia’s recent comeback to the market. But more exciting than its new Android phones was the return of its 17-year-old Nokia 3310, upgraded somewhat for life in 2017. It’s a cheap, virtually unbreakable phone, but what really got people excited was the return of Snake. If you’d rather keep your decent Android phone but really want to play Snake, know that Slither.io is a bit like Snake but so much better. It works in much the same way, but instead of walls you dodge other players’ snakes as your own snake becomes longer and longer.

Crossy Road
Here’s another one that’s popular partly because it harks back to our youth. Crossy Road is just like Frogger, except you’re not a frog. In fact you’re pretty much anything but a frog. The concept is the same: you have to get across the road unscathed, with cars, trucks, boats, animals, dinosaurs and anything else that could basically end your life doing their best to mow you down. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s one of the most addictive games we’ve played – you will get across the road if it’s the last thing you do.

Layton’s Mystery Journey
By far the most expensive Android game on our list, but Layton’s Mystery Journey will be a surefire hit with fans of the Nintendo 3DS Professor Layton puzzle game series. The Professor doesn’t star here, but you play his daughter Katrielle Layton in her search to find him in central London. As you’d expect there is a huge number of puzzles to complete, with additional minigames and daily puzzles too.

Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride is one of our all-time favourite Android games, on phone or tablet. You play Barry
Steakfries, and you ride your jetpack through an endless world collecting coins (with which you can buy new jetpacks, clothing and other bonuses), dodging missiles and zappers, and riding vehicles to see how far you can get. You can ride on the back of a dragon or a bird, defy gravity in a special suit, teleport across the screen, zoom off on a motorbike or crush nearby scientists with Lil Stomper. Achievements and challenges keep things interesting, whether they involve high-fiving a number of scientists, travelling a certain distance without touching the ceiling or floor, or dicing with death ducking in and out of the path of oncoming missiles.

Words with Friends
Words With Friends is Scrabble but with a social element, allowing you to play against your friends, random players or the computer. It’s largely targeted at the competitive among you, offering all manner of stats on why you’re a wordsmith legend that you can flash about. The need to wait for your opponent to make their move makes Words With Friends tedious at times for impatient types, and not something you can easily pick up and play whenever you have a spare five minutes. But finding that killer seven-letter word on a triple-word score makes it worth the wait. Words With Friends is one of those games people just know how to play, so little explanation is necessary. And it gives the grey matter a workout, so it gets our vote.

Plants vs Zombies 2
A tower-defence game loved by all, there are a few versions of Plants vs Zombies to download but all will keep you equally entertained. You play multiple levels in multiple worlds, each concluding with a boss level and each a slight variation on the same basic theme but with new zombies to attack and new plants at your disposal. In essence you must build an army of plants, with various types offering a different attack mechanism, whether that’s shooting peas or exploding in the face of the baddies, or just doing their best to stop them getting through. If you make it to the end of the level with no zombies passing you by, you move on to the next.

Dumb Ways To Die 2
The Dumb Ways to Die series is simple and addictive, with great artwork and fun characters that look a bit like Mr Men. Each has a propensity to dicing with death, and it’s your job to keep them alive.

As you might guess from the title, some of the ways these characters nearly meet their maker is pretty dumb. For each live you save you get 100 points and move on to the next mini-game, with an everincreasing level of difficulty.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
This is console gaming for your smartphone (or tablet), and it’s surprisingly easy to play on a touchscreen. The San Andreas mobile game is full of all the fun things you get to do in the console titles – and not just jacking cars. You can shoot guns, fly planes, recruit gang members, pretty much anything that constitutes being up to no good. San Andreas is based on the story of Carl Johnson, living in a city rife with gangs, drugs and corruption.

His family and friends have hit rock bottom, with his mother murdered, his family in pieces, and his friends following totally the wrong path. Framed for homicide, Johnson is forced to take control. There’s more than 70 hours of gameplay here, which should just about make up for the fiver you have to pay out to download it.

Last Day on Earth: Survival
If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead you’re probably going to love this (although to be fair there are actual Walking Dead games from Telltale as well). A free MMORPG zombie shoot ‘em up, Last Day on Earth is set in 2027 and sees you doing your best to survive as long as possible in a world filled with enemies following a deadly plague virus pandemic. You can hone your strategy and survival skills, and create ever deadlier weapons as you traipse through abandoned military bases and survivor camps searching for new resources. Team up with other players, but be careful who you trust.

Asphalt 8: Airborne
No Android games round-up is complete without a proper racer, and Asphalt 8 is one of the better
known titles. You can drive some seriously sexy cars around 40 tracks covering everything from the Nevada Desert to Tokyo, and pull off some amazing stunts from barrel rolls to 360-degree jumps.
There are more than 190 cars to race, including the Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 911.

Hill Climb Racing 2
It’s another driving game, but a wee bit different to Asphalt. Hill Climb Racing involves you driving your 4x4 up hills, across bridges, down hills and then up more hills. Along the way you collect coins to upgrade your vehicle and fuel, with extra vehicles to unlock. Drive too slowly and you’ll run out of petrol; drive too quickly and you’ll inevitably flip over the vehicle and snap the poor hillbilly’s neck. At that point it’s game over and you start over again. Endless fun.

War Wings
If you’ve had your fill of puzzle games, endless runners, shoot ‘em ups and racing games, how about a spot of dogfighting, old chap? War Wings from MiniClip lets you compete against players worldwide as you take to the skies to bring down your enemies or simply mess around performing
stunts. It’s an awful lot of fun.

Super Stickman Golf 3
Now in its third edition, Super Stickman Golf is better than ever and a must for golf fans with loads of achievements to be won. There are new courses, new power-ups, new game modes, and a new spin mode. With 20 courses to play alone or with your friends, Super Stickman Golf 3 really lets you get your swing on. Set up your shot angle and power and do your best to get a hole in one. You’ll keep playing until it comes naturally.

Bejeweled Blitz!
It’s my list and I’m sticking Bejeweled Blitz! on it, okay? Bejeweled is a classic match-three puzzler, but with daily challenges, leader boards, boost items, special gems and more. You get 60 seconds to remove as many gems as possible from the board, with extra bonuses given for doing so at speed or matching more than three gems.

It’s easy to pick up and play whenever you get a spare minute, and its simplicity makes it an incredibly addictive time-waster. Integration with Facebook means you can compete against your friends, too.

Candy Crush Saga
You’d be forgiven for thinking people had forgotten about Candy Crush, which has to be one of the biggest and most popular mobile games of all time. Introduced by King in 2012, the developer reportedly made $493m in a three-month period, with more than 93 million players. But even today, it remains the second-highest grossing app on Google Play. Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzler, very similar to Bejeweled Blitz in our list before it. The difference here is you play through hundreds of levels rather than standalone one-minute games, each more complicated than the first. Some are timed, others require you to hit a minimum score, and Candy Crush Saga keeps mixing things up to keep you entertained. The ability to view where on the level map your Facebook friends sit is a major push, spurring you on to do better and get ahead.

Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans is another oldie that has stood the test of time. In essence you need to build a village that includes all the things required by your warring tribe, such as a town hall, a gold mine and an army camp. You keep on upgrading your village and unlocking more building types, which eventually allows you to take over the Clan Castle, upgrade your barracks and forge allegiances with other players. That’s when you can start to think about entering battle, but while the first few fights are easy the difficulty quickly ramps up. If you’re to survive you’re going to have to continually evolve your attack and defence, and carefully consider your decisions.

Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies is a spin-off from Angry Birds – another all-time classic Android game, or should we say franchise of games. Rather than focusing on the birds, this game is all about the pigs. Oink. Specifically, it’s an addictive and challenging puzzle game, in which you are given a range of materials and asked to build a contraption that will get your pig to the end of the level.
As you might expect there are loads of obstacles to counter, and different types of terrain to master. Which means it’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds, and some of the levels are downright difficult. As a result, you’ll never put it down.


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PES Club Manager

PES Club Manager

Not to be confused with the PES Manager badgecollecting game (recently renamed PES Collection), this is a far more mouth-watering prospect for footie fans: a proper management game complete with real-time 3D
match action using the engine from the console PES games.

Of course, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) has an illustrious history on consoles and was once favoured by purists over the flashier FIFA. Part of its appeal is down to the detailed, accurate stats for real-life players. Apart from one star ‘gift’, however, you won’t see any big names at the start of PES Club Manager. Instead, you begin your career with a journeymen in the lower leagues order to work your way up, you need to not only gradually upgrade your side through training and transfers, but also your ground and its numerous facilities. Some of the latter supply kits (medical, motivation and stamina) and training points to use on players, while others increase the money earned from matches. Of the two main currencies, cash (GP) is readily available, but PES coins are harder to obtain – mainly from achievements and daily logins – so there’s a temptation to resort to IAP bundles.

Still, the freemium aspect of the game isn’t too overbearing and it’s possible to play for free. Even having
to wait for energy to recharge to play matches (limited to five in a row) isn’t toomuch of a hassle because you can still play with the other management aspects in the meantime. This includes scouting for players or buying them on themarket – an exciting eBay-style timed bidding war against other real managers.

When it comes tomatch day, the 3D graphics are excellent and sublime, while switching to a 2D screen reveals a host of stats. In both views, five tactical toggles and a defence/attack slider are used to alter how your team plays, which does strike us as being a touch on the basic side. However, tucked away
in the Edit Team menu, we discovered extra tactical options to fine-tune aspects such as positioning, compactness, numbers in attack/defence and whether to use an offside trap; you can also switch formations and select set-piece takers. It all adds up to an in-depth simulation that could well have you hooked for months.

Price Free + IAP
Designed for Phone and tablet
Requires Android 4.2 and up

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus The sultry sound of ultra-violence

MachineGames has demonstrated a commendable aptitude for virtual violence. It knows what the gaming populous wants, and it wants to kill Nazis. It wants to decapitate them and it wants to decimate them – that much is clear, the response to it has been palpable. And so the studio has delivered, in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, a blistering, bloody, and frequently brutal first person shooter that is gleeful and grotesque in equal measure.

In the three years since Wolfenstein: The New Order first shocked us into submission, MachineGames has been patiently improving upon its core proficiencies. The engine has been overhauled, with The New Colossus being built upon a modified iteration of id Tech 6 – the engine that powered Doom’s bold return to the fore in 2016. This has ensured that Wolfenstein looks and plays better than it has ever done before; it’s still a hardcore first-person shooter, only now it’s one with a stronger sense of place and purpose.

Returning force of nature BJ Blazkowicz has been transformed into a full first-person model in-game, as opposed to a pair of floating hands with a disembodied voice attached, meaning that the studio can get cute with the gameplay scenarios that it presents. Hell, the opening act is played from the seat of a wheelchair, with BJ dual-wielding his way through hordes of Nazis as he deals with the crippling injuries bestowed upon him in The New Order’s closing moments by the nefarious General Deathshead.

In fact, you can now dual wield-weapons independently; this gives you further precision over your ability to quickly maim anything so much as resembling an enemy, with limbs flying and torsos disintegrating in a way that can only be described as comically homicidal. An entire team has been dedicated to developing and improving upon Wolfenstein’s combat mechanics over the last three years and the results are already clear: The New Colossus is a shooter that simply can’t be ignored, its gunplay meeting phenomenal level design to create a beautiful picture, a shooting gallery you simply must book a ticket to visit later this October.

While the rebooted Doom excelled in similar elements to Wolfenstein, this series still has something it could never claim to have, and that’s a beating heart beneath the chaos. Doom was content to rip its own from
its chest and eviscerate it in front of you – showering in the spectacle of blood with a knowing smile – whereas Wolfenstein still finds the time to build characters with soul, developing quiet moments of considered storytelling around the shrieking sounds of ultra-violence. The New Colossus isn’t just more of the same; it’s building upon something truly special, a shooter that excels in destroying large portions of humanity, while finding a little piece of its own in the process.

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Scramble / Super Cobra
Scramble / Super Cobra

One of the earliest known sidescrolling shooters, Scramble is credited in Gradius Generations for the GBA as the progenitor of the Gradius series. Based on appearances, they don’t seem to be directly related, but there are parallels. For example, your ship is armed with two weapons – a standard gun, and missiles which
fly towards the ground. It was distributed in the US by Stern Electronics.

The game is only six stages long, alternating between fields and caverns, before entering the enemy base. Enemies are sparse there, but the extremely narrow passages require exact precision to maneuver through. Once completed, you simply need to bomb the final target to win the game and begin the next loop.

Merely surviving is not enough though. Your ship is constantly running out of fuel that needs to be replenished. Fortunately, the landscape is littered with little FUEL containers, which will mystically replenish a bit of gas when destroyed. Most of the time, these need to be destroyed by your missiles, which drop downward at an arc. The key is, dropped rockets travel along with your ship, sort of like the papers in Paperboy. This might make targeting extremely difficult at first, but a skilled player can use this to manipulate the shots in their favor.

It's probably unfair to criticize the graphics of a game from 1981, but Scramble is really ugly. This is mostly because the palette cycles through a series of eye-gouging colors every few seconds, which is both trippy and distracting.

The only real ports of Scramble at the time of release in North America were for the Vectrex and Commodore 64. The Vectrex one looks pretty awesome if you're into vector graphics. It was called Scramble Wars in Japan. There appear to be several versions of Scramble for the Commodore 64, but many are either ripoffs or homebrewed. Ports were also developed for the PC-6001, PC- 8001, and Pyuuta (Tomy Tutor) computers. In 2012, Bob DeCrescenzo released an excellent hombrew port for the Atari 7800.

Years down the line, Scramble also showed up on several Konami arcade compilations. The PlayStation and DS versions are straight emulations, the latter of which obviously has a bit of trouble due to the resolution changes. The Game Boy Advance version zooms in the display and shrinks the status bar to fit on the right side of the screen. If you enter the Konami Code, you'll activate an updated version that includes three ships to pilot, updated graphics, and actual music. The new visuals are equally as gaudy as the original. The Xbox 360 version offers updated graphics as well, which look substantially better. Super Cobra is the sequel to Scramble, although it really just expands on some of the original’s concepts. Primarily, you pilot a
helicopter instead of a rocket ship, although it handles the same way. It's a much harder game overall, but at least you can continue where you left off. Most of the graphics are the same, but there are a few new enemies, and the game is longer, with 11 stages in total compared to six. Also, at the end, you need to grab a briefcase instead of bombing a building.

Evidently, most companies at the time felt that Super Cobra was the definitive version of Scramble, so that's what they based their console and arcade ports on. These include versions for the Atari 2600, Atari 5200 (and 8-bit computers), MSX, Commodore 64, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Odyssey?, and the Entex
Adventure Vision tabletop system.

Most of these were published by Parker Brothers and are missing some of the stages. Konami Arcade Classics for the PSOne is the only modern compilation to feature the game.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

How much innovation is enough? We keep asking ourselves this question when it comes to the LEGO series of games, in part because TT Games seems to be working hard to keep its titles feeling different and fresh, and yet each invariably feels more or less just like the last. The difference between enjoying and ignoring a new LEGO title can often come down to whether or not you feel an attachment to the license being satirised and celebrated. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 appears to be going a few extra steps to shake up what has become perceived to be the TT Games formula.

There are two big new additions that should go a long way to shaking up both the world and the gameplay options you have available to you. The first is that villain Kang has arrived from the end of time to seek out and challenge the Avengers and in so doing has brought with him some interesting time-bending mechanics. As you play through missions and challenges you’ll have to contend with and think about how time manipulation could alter the state of the world around you. Is there a pile of parts and rubble for a complex machine in front of you? Maybe it can’t be built like you would
normally do, but lure an attack in that area and you might force Kang to turn back time for a
moment and reconstitute a starfighter ship or similar mission-critical object.

The other thing that Kang is doing, since he’s a strangely honourable villain and is looking for an open and genuine challenge from the Avengers – not just a fight where he can cheat his way to a win – is he’s brought in versions of Marvel’s greatest heroes from across the multiverse and crashed them together in one massive new venue, Chronopolis. This is a giant city that comprises portions of multiple worlds, from the streets of New York from the universe we know, to the world of Spider-Man
2099 and Spider-Man Noir (both of whom appear in the game). We got a glimpse of the scale of this city and it is mightily impressive and packed with content.

The heroes themselves look to be as varied as ever, but also much more nuanced and detailed than the past. Where many heroes might have felt like re-skins of each other, now they have distinct special abilities. Starlord’s ability is a particular highlight, putting on his headphones, causing everyone nearby to start jigging as he shoots and dances around them. TT Games seems to have got the balance right again.

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Hitman: Sniper
Hitman: Sniper
Become a silent and creative killer

The fist Hitman game on Android – Hitman GO – was a bit of a letdown for some fans of the long-running
stealth series, as it turned out to be a strategic board game. Nor does Hitman: Sniper adopt the traditional gameplay of the series: instead of moving Agent 47 around levels, you take a fixed position on a ledge overlooking a complex of buildings – there’s just the one location available.

A tap of the screen takes you to the sniper scope view, which you can zoom in and out of, while red cross hairs indicate where to find the primary mission target. As you home in on your victim, tapping a lungs icon causes you to hold your breath to help steady your jittery sight. As you’d expect, a head shot causes an instant kill, but there are other, more ingenious ways to cause death by utilising elements of the scenery – for instance, shooting a fuse box on a wet roof to electrocute nearby guards. Sometimes you’ll need to kill a witness to prevent them alerting guards, dispose of a body to avoid detection, or lure people to certain rooms or alter their movements by causing a distraction. You can even make deaths look accidental, such as causing one guard to fall onto another. Indeed, it seems that Hitman: Sniper ismore of a puzzler than a straight shooter.

As you progress through the 150 missions, things get ever more complicated. To help you out, you can upgrade your rifle with in-game cash to unlock extra temporary abilities such as being able to track enemies through walls and making torso hits deadly.Weapon parts intel collected from missions also enables you to build new rifles; some are unlocked at various ranks and leader board levels, while three more are available via IAP – which does feel like a bit of a cheat.

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The First Commercial Game and the First Home Console

Among the people who played Spacewar! was Nolan Bushnell (born 1943), an engineering
student at the University of Utah in the mid-sixties. Bushnell was a naturalborn
businessman with innovative ideas and a passion for games so he understood
right away that video games had potential from a commercial perspective. In 1969,
while working for a company named Ampex, he joined forces with his friend and colleague
Ted Dabney (born 1937) to start turning his vision into reality.
The very first idea was to use a $4,000 microcomputer, a DEC PDP-8, to design
a coin-operated system able to play a few different games. Another friend, Larry
Bryant, was supposed to take care of the actual programming and each of them
agreed to provide $100 to fund the new venture. While Dabney and Bushnell quickly
did so, Bryant never contributed his share and, since it didn’t take long to realize the
expensive computer would have made the project economically unfeasible, the development
took a different direction without Larry’s involvement.
The duo worked from home in a small lab obtained by converting the room of
Ted’s daughter, Terri, over to a work area. Ted started designing a circuit that didn’t
need a computer but used transistor to transistor logic (TTL) components instead
to keep costs down as much as possible. A cheap black-and-white TV set was used as
display and no central processing unit (CPU) was included in the board design since
the early ones produced at the time were much too expensive. The first outcome was
a technical demo able to move simple squared images on a TV screen. From there,
the prototype developed into a clever single-player version of Spacewar!, aptly named
Computer Space.
In Computer Space, the player handled a rocket ship and had to destroy a computer-
controlled saucer. There were no “lives” in the traditional game sense; instead,
the gaming session had a fixed length of 100 seconds. Once time was up, the player
would see how many times he successfully hit the saucer and whether or not he
scored more hits than the computer did.

Besides the simple scoring mechanic, the game also had a special visual effect
twist. If the vendor wanted to, he or she could extend the playing time by another
99 seconds thanks to a special mode that Ted called “Hyperspace” where the video
switched from white-on-black to black-on-white, adding some variety and excitement
to the overall experience.
After the prototype was ready, Nolan and Ted had to find someone to massproduce
and sell it. These responsibilities fell to Nutting Associates, a struggling company that was looking for some fresh ideas and was more than happy to give this
new technological marvel a try. The deal was soon sealed with Nutting agreeing to
produce and distribute the game while allowing Nolan and Ted to retain ownership
of the intellectual property rights and paying them a royalty on each cabinet sold.
The creation of the first commercial video game was now officially in progress.
Having worked in amusement parks during his youth, Bushnell felt strongly
that the game’s cabinet was also an important factor in attracting potential players
so he designed a shiny, futuristic case in fiberglass that was sure to do the trick.
The first of these cabinets was placed at a pub named the Dutch Goose, next to
Stanford University, as a testing experiment. This trial was actually quite successful,
pushing Nutting to produce 1,500 cabinets and to plan for a version enabling twoplayer
action at a higher price.
There was something Nolan overlooked, though—the Dutch Goose was a hangout
for Stanford students and Stanford University had a PDP-1. Many of the players
in the Dutch Goose had also played Spacewar! and had no problem understanding
the game. However, this wasn’t true for the average person who found one of the
1,500 cabinets in a pub around the country. In the end, most people probably just
stared at the oddly shaped cabinet in awe, but ultimately shied away. Computer Space
didn’t fare as well as expected, but this didn’t discourage Nolan and Ted.

While Bushnell and Dabney were trying to bring video games into pubs, another
talented engineer named Ralph Baer (born 1922) worked to bring them straight into
people’s homes. Ralph Baer was born in Germany to a Jewish family and had to leave
school at an early age due to the ethnic discrimination of the Nazi regime in the thirties.
Luckily, his family escaped to New York before things got worse. Once there,
he learned electronics through a correspondence course and only after World War II
could he properly complete his formal education.
On September 1, 1966, while on the bus, Baer started writing out some simple
notes detailing a system for playing games on a TV. He had the very same idea previously
in 1951 while he was working for a small TV manufacturer, but at the time
it didn’t interest his boss and he wasn’t allowed to proceed further. But things were
different in 1966. Baer was now a bright Division Manager for Sanders Associates,
a research and development (R&D) company doing mainly research and contract
work for the US Army, and it was relatively easy for him to convince his directors to
allocate a small fund for a research project based on his new idea.
The project started in early 1967 and, by November 11, there was a prototype
for a two-player ping-pong game. The system was perfected further in the following
months and nicknamed the “Brown Box,” which also featured a light gun device that
was able to shoot white dots on the screen (see the figure at the top of page 12). This
was actually the feature that excited Baer’s boss the most and allowed Baer to keep the
whole project alive despite the skepticism of other senior executives.

Once the Brown Box was ready, it was time to look for a manufacturer/distributor.
After a few failed discussions, TV manufacturer Magnavox sealed the deal and, finally,
in May 1972, the Odyssey Home Entertainment System was sent to Magnavox retailers.
The Odyssey was an analog machine able to display one line and three small
white squares across the screen; it had no sound capabilities. The machine came with

a set of cartridges that switched circuits inside the main console to alter the behavior
and placement of the graphical element on the screen. The default game, named “table
tennis,” showed a line dividing the screen into two equal parts. Players controlled
one square each by moving it up/down and left/right using two independent paddles
on the sides of the controller. The goal of the game was to bounce the third square
back and forth to each other (see the figure at the bottom of the opposite page). There
was no onscreen score display.
The other games, which were started by inserting specific cartridges, were made
more interesting and meaningful by applying an overlay to visualize additional colors,
boards, paths, and targets.

The Odyssey was a truly revolutionary device that used the table tennis game
both as a stand-alone game and also as a tool for successfully bringing several board
and table game concepts onto the TV screen, with the video experience enhanced by
also using dice, cards, chips, etc. Unfortunately, Magnavox used a doubtful marketing
approach that alienated many potential costumers; not only was the original price
set at $100, which was very high for the time,4 but the Odyssey was also proposed
as an add-on for their own television sets. In the end, many people using different
TV brands were misled into thinking they couldn’t use the Odyssey and missed out
on the opportunity of experiencing the very first home video games. In 1972, about
100,000 units were sold, and when the system was discontinued in 1975, up to
350,000 units and 80,000 light guns had been shipped.
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God Of War Ten reasons Kratos return will kick ass

God Of War
Ten reasons Kratos’ return will kick ass


We already knew from previous showcases that Kratos’ new weapon of choice was far more useful than it might first appear, but its abilities go beyond even just throwing it and having it fly back. Throw it into walls and call it back from behind enemies to catch them out.

The Greek master of gore has never been much of a defensive fighter, so we weren’t terribly surprised to see that a shield in his hands is more of a weapon than anything else. Kratos uses to beat his enemies into a pulp, chaining it with other blows. Expect parries, too.

Keep an eye out in the background of some shots and you’ll see dead frost giants, known as J?tunn in Norse mythology, dead and broken on the ground. Gigantic enemies and living landscapes have been a staple of this series, so meeting a live one seems likely.

Kratos has a son and while his first reveal painted a picture of a relatively timid young boy, he is at his heart the son of a god of war, so he can throw down as his confidence improves. Look for him to fire
shocking arrows and leap on the backs of enemies.

Atreus is essential to Kratos navigating this strange land as he’s the only one of the pair who knows how to read and translate Norse languages. You’ll need to lean on his skills if you want to make any sense of this
strange new realm.

We has some hints at this before, but more gameplay has only confirmed our suspicions that large sections
of the masonry and other structures can be completely demolished through combat. Those trolls can pack a punch, even through stone columns.

The people here seem to know well who Kratos really is, or at least the Norse gods do. Just how much you’ll need to confront the local deities is something we’ll have to wait to find out, but they seem to have taken a keen interest in your journey. As well they should…

We suspected from the newly designed logo for God Of War that the World Serpent, J?rmungandr, would play a role in this game and it was interesting to see that on first encountering him he is not a boss fight, but a potential ally. What could this son of Loki want with Kratos?

The development team has addressed the fact that Kratos has left his chained blades behind him, with only the scars on his flesh remaining as a reminder of their role in his life. Apparently they just carry too many bad memories for Kratos, which will be addressed in the game.

One fun fact that we’re keen to watch out for is that director Cory Barlog wanted to have God Of War be one continuous shot from beginning to end. He even used the hospital shootout in Hard Boiled as an example to his development team. It’s an ambitious idea.

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Breakout (1976, Atari)

Breakout, where players had to use a paddle to bounce a ball and destroy a series
of blocks, was designed by a young Atari employee named Steve Jobs based upon
an original idea from Nolan Bushnell. The game was implemented by one of Jobs’
friends, Steve Wozniak, who, despite being a Hewlett-Packard employee, still found
enough time to work on this project. (According to his own memories, he didn’t sleep
for three days straight in order to complete the design.)

The game was outstanding not only because it provided a new life to the balland-
paddle genre that seemed definitely over after the Pong craze, but also because
of Wozniak’s amazing minimalist design that featured a circuit board with only
20+ chips (the average game had around 75). Unfortunately, the new design was so
difficult to understand that before moving into actual production, Atari engineers
decided to redo it from scratch by using as many as 100 integrated circuits because
they couldn’t figure out how it actually worked. It was common practice to give a
bonus of $100 or more for every chip removed from the average target of 75 as an
incentive to reduce manufacturing costs, and Jobs was awarded a several-thousanddollar
The new game turned out to be a huge success, selling tens of thousands of cabinets
worldwide. It was so successful, in fact, that not only were many games spawned
by it (including excellent titles like Arkanoid by Taito in 1986), but even whole game
cabinets were counterfeited and sold to arcades as Atari machines. In Japan, for example,
the game’s success even attracted the attention of the Yakuza (the local organized
crime syndicates) who started manufacturing and selling pirated copies of the
games themselves.

In the end, Breakout’s influence was deeper than one typically expects from a
single, even very successful game and it turned out to affect the development of the
whole computer industry. In fact, according to Wozniak, the game actually determined
his design for the Apple II: “A lot of features of the Apple II went in because
I had designed Breakout for Atari. I had designed it in hardware. I wanted to write it
in software now.”29 So he started adding sound and graphical capabilities to the new
computer in order to facilitate the subsequent coding of games like Breakout.
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Destiny 2 The battle continues

There are few games that truly manage to marry different genres successfully, but when they do the results can be really spectacular. One such game was Destiny, which took the ideals of massively multiplayer online gaming and combined them with action-rich first-person shooter gaming. The end result was a game that, while not everyone’s cup of tea, certainly hit a chord with a large number of players around the globe. So much so, in fact, that we now have a sequel on the way.

The story in Destiny 2 is simple enough – although the Guardians fought valiantly to preserve the last city on Earth, it ultimately fell to an invading force.

Now the Red Legion occupy the city, and the ousted guardians (the players) must find a way to take it back. There isn’t too much known about Destiny 2 just yet, in terms of specifics. But the information that we have managed to glean is that there will be a whole new set of environments to explore, as well as new skills and equipment to discover. There are also some new co-op and competitive modes on the way, but we’re expecting to hear a lot more about this next instalment in the Destiny franchise around E3.

One thing we do know for sure is that both pubishers Activision and developers Bungie are excited about
what will be on offer in Destiny 2.

“Destiny established a blockbuster, new franchise and a massive global community of amazingly passionate fans. And today, we are giving people their first look at the gameplay of Destiny 2,” Eric Hirshberg,
CEO of Activision, said. “Destiny 2 has a great story, an iconic new villain, awesome characters you want
to go on an epic adventure with, and of course, tons of the amazing gameplay that Destiny is known for.

We, along with our partners at Bungie, have listened carefully to our community, and have added thoughtful
innovations that make the game, and all of its content, more accessible to more types of players than ever

Bungie shares to sentiment., “This is a defining moment for our studio, and we couldn’t have done it without the continued support of our partners in Activision, Sony and now Blizzard,” Bungie CEO, Pete Parsons, said. “We have an amazing community of players who have been with us on this journey, but with the sequel, the team are paying close attention to welcoming new and returning Guardians to the universe with something for every type of gamer, including gameplay for solo, cooperative and competitive players with new places to explore and adventures to conquer.”

Yes, you read that right… Blizzard. Destiny 2 will be the first ever non-Blizzard game to be offered via
Battle.Net, Blizzards online portal and platform. This will, of course, be for the PC version, and will enable
players to take advantage of a well-established MMO architecture. Exciting stuff indeed.

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200 Best Video Games of All Time  - Joust

200 Best Video Games of All Time - Joust

Joust is a game where knights ride on top of gigantic birds and kill each other in gladiatorial combat. Everybody is equipped with a lance, which sticks out a few pixels from their head. The goal is to collide with other jousters, ensuring that your lance is above theirs, which will then kill them.

Bouncing on their heads, of course, will work just as well. It's a different formula from many arcade games from the era like Pac-Man, which typically put the player in weakened state. In Joust, most everyone is on the same playing level.

That’s the theory theory, anyway. The key to Joust is learning how to keep your bird under control. There is only a single button – "flap" – which will propel your bird every so slightly into the air. With a few more presses, you take your steed higher into the sky, allowing you to stay airborne. In addition to fighting against gravity, you're also dealing with inertia. Build up enough speed and you'll find yourself careening across the arena, wrapping around the screen as you disappear off one side and reappear on the other. It’s a surefire way to make yourself dizzy until you skid to a stop.

Though this looks fun, it's also incredibly dangerous. Your enemies have one major advantage over you, and that's the fact that they have extremely solid control over their birds. The most nerve-wracking moments are those brief, split seconds where your brain tries to determine if you’re traveling at the right velocity and angle to hit someone above their lance. Do you let your fate fall into the hands of physics? Do you press the "flap" button one more time, potentially giving you the upper hand, but also maybe propelling you over and missing your target? Or worse, bumping your head on a platform, sending you downward and getting killed. Situations like this happen all the time in Joust, and they’re largely why it's so enthralling.

There are other minor elements, too. Destroyed enemies drops eggs, which you're supposed to collect for points. Left unchecked, they'll hatch into humans, which then call a new bird on the field to take its place, providing another task for you to juggle. Later stages introduce pterodactyls, which are invincible except for an incredibly tiny weak point that was only left into the game due to programmer error, and can only be exploited by truly expert players. There are also fire trolls, who grab any birds that fly too close to the lava and drag them to their death, providing they can't escape. Most amusingly, they don't distinguish between human and CPU controlled characters, and watching a hapless foe get crushed by one of its own is always good for a laugh. -Kurt Kalata

There's really no doubt about it – Nintendo's Balloon Fight is a huge rip-off of Joust. It plays almost identically, except you control a kid flying with balloons, fighting against assorted enemies. Other than the stage designs, the only other major difference is that since you have two balloons, you can take two hits. It is, at least, a very good clone, and much better than the NES port of Joust.

The major advancement comes with the Balloon Trip mode, which recasts the game as an auto-scrolling platformer, as you weave between obstacles and dodge enemies. This spawned its own separate game, known as Balloon Kid for the Game Boy, and Hello Kitty World for the Famicom, which is the same game but
starring the cutesy Sanrio mascot. -KK

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Leave boring old Earth behind and travel to the farthest reaches of the universe—and beyond in these, the PC’s greatest space games.

The Dig
Year 1995 |Developer LucasArts
The LucasArts point-and-click adventure that everyone forgets about. A mission to divert an asteroid heading for Earth goes awry, sending a group of astronauts to a distant, seemingly abandoned, world. Some of the puzzles are maddeningly obtuse, even for a LucasArts game, but its colorful, strange planet feels genuinely alien. Great voice acting too, with X-Files and Terminator star Robert Patrick playing the lead.

Homeworld Remastered Collection
Year 2015 |Developer Relic/Gearbox Software
One of the best single player RTS campaigns ever, beautifully remastered by Gearbox. The sight of thousands of your ships streaking across the game’s vividly colorful space-scapes is majestic. Its battles are tense and tactical, featuring many types of ship to command, including some colossal battleships. The Remastered Collection looks great on modern PCs and comes with the original Homeworld and its sequel.

Lunar Flight
Year 2012 |Developer Shovsoft
This modern take on classic arcade game Lunar Lander is a unique, challenging low-gravity flight simulator. It’s not as deep as some sims, but wrestling with its physics to deliver cargo and make landings on alien worlds is an enjoyable process. It’s also one of the best games to play with a VR headset, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Space Engineers
Year 2013 |Developer Keen Software House
Minecraft in space, basically. Harvest asteroids for building materials then craft them into floating bases and flyable spaceships. You can hover around with a jetpack or build a gravity generator to walk on the surface of bigger asteroids. One of the best co-op build-’em-ups on PC, and new features are being added regularly.

EVE Online
Year 2003 |Developer CCP Games
Live another life—in space! There’s nothing else like EVE Online, the massively multiplayer RPG where everything is controlled by players. It’s a living, breathing galaxy in which thousands of capsuleers fight, trade, mine, and explore together. Break away from the relative safety of your policepatrolled starting system and you’ll find a ruthless, cosmic Wild West, where piracy, espionage and scamming are rife. Whether you’re fighting in a massive space war, where thousands of real-world dollars hang in the balance, or just exploring New Eden on your own, EVE is unforgettable.

Elite: Dangerous
Year 2014 |Developer Frontier Developments
An entire galaxy is your playground in this massive, beautiful space sim. Starting with a basic ship and a handful of credits, it’s up to you to shape your own destiny. Do you become a fearsome pirate? A master trader? An explorer? The beauty of Elite: Dangerous is being able to play in a way that suits you. From thrilling dogfights to gentle exploration, there’s something for everyone. Its ships are a dream to fly, from nimble fighters to heavy cargo haulers, especially with a flight stick.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Year 1994 |Developer Totally Games
A rare opportunity to be the bad guy in George Lucas’s space opera. With a variety of Empire-themed missions—dogfights, escorts, attacking capital ships—and a story to follow, it’s one of LucasArts’s best Star Wars games. Replace this entry with Star Wars: X-Wing if you’d prefer to play as the boring old Rebel Alliance. The best thing about this entire crop of Star Wars space sims is that they’ve all resurfaced to buy on GOG.com, compatible with modern systems.

FTL: Faster Than Light
Year 2012 |Developer Subset Games
FTL mixes turn-based and real-time strategy together to capture the experience of captaining a Star Trek-style spacecraft. It’s a strong roguelike, too, with the backdrop of a familiar yet fun sci-fi universe that comes with its own semi-humorous lore and a neat set of narrative beats that make the journey to its finale exciting every time. Being able to name your ship and crew makes it all the more heartbreaking when they die together in enemy space.

Wing Commander:Privateer
Year 1993 |Developer Origin Systems
Fans of the series will argue endlessly about which Wing Commander is the best, but we love Privateer’s darker feel. It’s a rich sandbox in which you can be a mercenary, a pirate, a merchant, or a mix of all three. You jump between systems looking for bounties to hunt and ships to rob, and the first-person dogfights are a thrill. There’s a linear story, but the real joy lies in doing your own thing.

Kerbal Space Program
Year 2015 |Developer Squad
W restle with gravity and the laws of physics as you build your own spacecraft and attempt to explore the cosmos. A robust, compelling sandbox of possibilities that’s as funny as it is  clever. Escaping Kerbin’s atmosphere and landing on the Mun for the first time with a ship you’ve built is about as satisfying as PC gaming gets.

Take On Mars
Year 2013 |Developer Bohemia Interactive
If you like your space games a little more grounded, try Arma developer Bohemia’s Take On Mars. It’s a space exploration simulator based on real astro-science. You can build a Curiositystyle rover and explore the surface of the red planet or construct your own moonbase. A game for people who want the sci without the fi.

Sins of a Solar Empire
Year 2008 |Developer Ironclad Games
Mixing real-time strategy with 4X elements, Sins is a game of galactic conquest. Choose a faction, gather resources and become a mighty space-lord. Commanding its real-time wars is a thrill, but combat isn’t always the answer: you can use diplomacy to conquer systems too. A refreshingly slow-paced RTS with some truly massive space battles.

Universe Sandbox
Year 2011 |Developer Giant Army
This space simulator lets you play god and manipulate replicas of real galaxies and solar systems, and witness the (often catastrophic) results of your cosmic meddling. Increase the mass of Jupiter and you’ll see the rest of our solar system being sucked into it, or delete the Sun and watch Earth and the other planets drift away confused. A sequel, Universe Sandbox 2, recently arrived on Steam Early Access.

Galactic Civilizations II
Year 2006 |Developer Stardock
Conquer space with an army of customizable ships. Thanks to its smart, creative AI, a full-size game can take many exciting weeks to complete. You have to balance economic, technological, diplomatic, cultural and military power to forge alliances, engage in battles, and dominate the galaxy. Similar to the Civilization series, certainly, but on a much grander scale.

Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator
Year 2013 |Developer Thom Robertson
You’ll need a group of three to six friends to get the most out of this one. Each player controls a different station of a starship—engineering, weapons, helm and so on—and must work together to destroy enemies, with a captain giving orders. It’s basically like staging a Kobayashi Maru test in your living room, and it’s amazing.

Year 2010 |Developer Blendo Games
This turn-based strategy game by prolific indie studio Blendo (Thirty Flights of Loving, Gravity Bone) plays out in 30-second bursts. Queue up your orders, then watch the action unfold until one side is completely obliterated. With a relaxing classical score, including Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude, and a stylish, curiously colorful art style, it’s one of the more offbeat games on our list. Flotilla also features psychic advisor dogs—there’s a strong sense of humor at work here.

Year 2013 |Developer Chucklefish Games
Basically Terraria in space. Hop between randomly generated planets on a starship, hunt alien creatures for food, build colonies and underground bases, and try not to die. A brilliant sci-fi sandbox with a charming art style. Playable races include robots, beings made of solar energy, ape-like creatures, and wingless birds.

Year 2010 |Developer Vladimir Romanyuk
Do you like feeling small and insignificant? Do you enjoy having existential crises? Then play SpaceEngine, which features the entire universe. Or at least the bit we know about. Focus on Earth, then pull back at top speed, and you realize you’re on a tiny speck of dust hurtling through an endless void. The tech is remarkable, enabling you to travel effortlessly between galaxies and land on planets, even if there’s not a lot else to do.

FreeSpace 2
Year 1999 |Developer Volition, Inc.
While most space simulators use aircraft-like physics, FreeSpace attempts something more realistic, resulting in responsive, weightless controls. Battles play out like zero-gravity World War II dogfights, and it’s one of the best space combat games on PC. You’ll never forget your first combat encounter inside a colorful nebula.

Mass Effect 2
Year 2010 |Developer BioWare
If you’ve ever fantasized about being Captain Kirk, in command of your own starship, exploring the galaxy, meeting weird aliens, being confronted with cosmic dilemmas, Mass Effect 2 is that in game form. It’s part Star Wars space opera, part brilliant Star Trek episode, and one of the best sci-fi games on PC. It doesn’t have the freedom of Elite and is largely a linear experience, but it takes you on an unforgettable journey around the galaxy, visiting bizarre planets and getting involved in the lives of the people who live on them. We love the whole series, but Mass Effect 2 is our favorite.

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10 best free games for your phone or tablet

We compile 10 of the most popular titles for phones and tablets running Google’s mobile operating system

1. Hill Climb Racing:

Hill Climb Racing may look basic, but what it lacks in eye-popping graphics it makes up for in pure addiction. To start you get a jeep, one level, an accelerator and a brake, but you’ll quickly unlock more cars and levels. Coins – used to upgrade cars and buy new items – are collected by driving over them, reaching checkpoints and performing flips. You’ll find yourself coming back again and again to get further, an upgrade, a new car or level.

2. Temple Run 2:

Temple Run is the cr?me de la cr?me of endless runners and the second version is not only better than the original, but free. Temple Run 2 combines easy controls with a simple objective and a graphically stunning design. You’ll be jumping, dodging and sliding to beat your friends and unlock achievements and new characters. You might not escape with the precious idol, but you’ll definitely have fun trying.

3. Bad Piggies:

The first Angry Birds to put the evil green pigs in the spotlight is Bad Piggies, and we love it. Getting your pig (or pigs), from A to B might sound simple, but you’ve got do it by building an increasingly complex contraption out of available parts. Various objectives and the desire to win three stars will keep you coming back for more. Probably the most fun is the sandbox levels, which let you build almost anything you want from a vast inventory of parts.

4. Plants vs Zombies 2:

The original Plants vs Zombies was a smash-hit and the sequel is a must-have for any Android gamer. This exceptional tower defence game expands on the original, while taking you in new directions. A level structure takes you through themed worlds, complete with new objectives to complete. As you would expect, there are new plants with which to get to grips and, although inapp purchases make an appearance,
you can ignore them.

5. Cut the Rope:

A classic mobile game available in various editions, Cut the Rope has superb level design and makes great use of a touchscreen. Physics-based gameplay lets you interact with many di fferent objects as you try and try again to win three stars in each level. There’s loads of levels to keep you going – and keep you coming back for more. And let’s not forget how adorable is the main character Om Nom.

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6. Real Racing 3:

If you find Hill Climb Racing too basic, and have a spare gig of storage on your device, check out Real Racing 3. You’ll be blown away by its highly detailed graphics. Real Racing 3 features real cars, tracks and people. Time Shifted Multiplayer lets you compete against friends, even if they’re o ine. A good selection of race types includes cup races, eliminations, endurance challenges and drag races. All this and, amazingly, it’s free to download.

7. Triple Town:

Bringing an innovative concept to puzzle games, Triple Town is a great free download and the kind of game you can pick up at any time. The idea is to build the best city you can, and this is done by combining three items to form a better one. Bushes become trees, trees become huts and so on. Some cute but pesky bears will get in the way of your progress. We’re also big fans of the gorgeous and charming graphics and animations.

8. Tetris Blitz:

This is no ordinary version of Tetris. In Blitz you get just two minutes in which to score as many points as you can. A Frenzy mode adds a fresh element to this classic game. Rather than moving around blocks, you simply tap on the screen where you want them to go. This removes some of the skill, but is in keeping with the game’s fast-paced nature. Although Tetris Blitz tries to tempt you to buy power-ups, you can get high scores without opening your wallet.

9. Candy Crush Saga:

Topping the games charts since its release, you’ve probably heard of Candy Crush Saga. It’s a variation on the classic match-three puzzler, whereby gems are swapped with sweets and other tasty treats. The ease with which you can continue your game on multiple devices is a huge plus point. Objectives must be completed before you can progress through the seemingly never-ending supply of levels. In-app purchases are avoidable, but irritating.

10. New Star Soccer:

This footie game puts you in the boots of a penniless up-and-coming footballer. You have to complete flick-based challenges, such as passing, shooting and timing interceptions. The better you get the more money you earn, allowing you to buy vehicles, clothes, property... and a whole string of girlfriends. The more you train your player the better you get. So while you start your career at Torquay United, you can flick your way to the World Cup.

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45 best Android games

45 best Android games

The best Android games for your phone or tablet

1. Star Wars: Uprising

With Star Wars all the rage the Galaxy needs a new hero in the fight against the Empire. Take part in Sector Battles, create your own character, and play real-time co-op.

2. Despicable Me

If you love those little yellow things you’ll love Minion Rush. Jump, roll, dodge and scramble to collect bananas in this cute runner game.

3. Crossy Road

Why did the chicken cross the road? Never mind that, why didn’t you? We love this hopper game, and so will you.

4. Fallout Shelter

Fallout fans will love Shelter, a mobile game that gives you complete control over your very own Vault, and the citizens that reside in it. Can you keep your Dwellers happy, fed and protected from the dangers of the outside world in this post-apocalyptic adventure?

5. WordBrain

“Even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete this game. In fact: only very few have!” That’s all the encouragement we need: the challenge is on to become a word master in this headscratchingly difficult hiddenword

6. Minecraft

Pocket Edition
Construction sim with endless possibilities. This infinite box of Legos has the very real potential to eat your life before your eyes.

7. Alphabear

Oh now this is supercute. You spell out words and bears appear. Longer words equal bigger bears and even more cuteness.

8. Spider-Man

Recruit an army of heroes in the Spider-Verse and take on the Sinister Six. This action-packed arcade game will keep you entertained for hours.

9. Clash of Clans

Form the ultimate Clan with your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards and more, then defend your village and take down the Goblin King.

10. Lego Ninjago

Ninjas, it’s time to enter Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements. You must use your training to take on Elemental Masters, and the more you win the stronger you become.

11. Monopoly

Who doesn’t love Monopoly? If you answered “me”, go directly to jail. YOU WILL NOT COLLECT ?200.

12. Table Tennis Touch

It’s not a freebie, but stunning graphics make Table Tennis Touch worth the download. Even more so if you like Ping Pong.

13. Sim City Build It

A realistic city-builder that lets you create an environment in which your citizens will thrive, and trade resources with friends online. Just when you think life is going good, real-life challenges will keep you on your toes.

14. Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies is the tower defence game loved by all, and the sequel is much more of the same zombie- and super-plant goodness.

15. First Touch Soccer 2015

There are loads of football games for Android, but if you don’t want to pay a penny First Touch Soccer is a great choice.

16. Walking Dead: Road to Survival
TellTale’s Walking Dead series is not to be missed, but this alternative is a turnbased RPG that focuses on the original comic books over the TV series, and in which your decisions will determine who lives and who dies. Kicking off at Woodbury, can you take on The Governor?

17. The Room Two
Physical puzzles in a beautifully-realised 3D world make this somewhat unsettling sequel a joy to play.

18. Lara Croft Go
Explore the ruins of an ancient civilisation and face deadly challenges in this turn-based adventure game. More than 75 puzzles are split into five chapters.

19. Bad Piggies
From the makers of Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is an addictive and challenging puzzle game, with some action thrown in to add to the fun.

20. Temple Run 2
A hugely popular runner game for Android, Temple Run 2 sees you navigate perilous terrain as you attempt to escape with the cursed idol. However far you can get, it won’t be far enough.

21. Monument Valley
Supremely calming puzzler with innovative perspective-based gameplay. More soothing than an opiate-spiked Horlicks.

22. Jetpack Joyride
Mission-driven progression and a range of crazy gadgets, jetpacks, vehicles, achievements and character customisation add replay value to the simple controls and repetitive nature of Barry Steakfries’ endless journey in Jetpack Joyride.

23. Angry Birds
Just because it’s old doesn’t make it bad: this list would never be complete without this mobile gaming classic.

24. Ridiculous Fishing
“A handcrafted game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters.” SOLD.

25. Super Hexagon
Frantic shape-based avoidance game. Punishing difficulty set to a rather wonderful electronic score.

26. Threes!
Potently addictive, simple yet full of strategic depth, Threes is based on a set of numbered tiles that you manipulate around a four-by-four board. There are blue ones, and pinky twos, and you jam these into each other to make white threes. Everything else is a multiple of three created by joining two matching white tiles. Two plus one equals three. Three plus three equals six. Six plus six equals 12. You get the picture.

27. Flow Free
Addictive colour matching fun that is equal parts frustration and satisfaction. Attempt to reach the goal in as few moves as possible.

28. Sonic Dash
The lovable blue spikey-haired hedgehog returns in this endless runner game for Android. Dash, jump and spin through levels collecting rings, dodging spikes and ultimately climbing the leader boards.

29. Dumb Ways
To Die 2
Warioware-style mini games abound in this free gigglefest. Fun, quickfire action, with entertaining deaths aplenty.

30. Words With
Words With Friends is in essence Scrabble, played with friends at your own pace. And you get to show them how much more intelligent you are than them. A no-brainer.

31. Call Of Duty: Heroes
This 3D combat strategy game has you customise your base and train elite forces to wipe out enemies in fierce battle. Plus: create deadly alliances with your friends, competing for in-game rewards.

32. Riptide GP2
Rocket-powered hydro jets and futuristic race tracks make Riptide GP2 a fast, fun, and visually stunning racing experience.

33. Cut The Rope: Time Travel
Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a new adventure filled with time-travelling, candycrunching, physicsbased action. Help Om Nom feed his ancestors as you play through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Stone Age, Disco Era, Wild West, Asian Dynasty, Industrial Revolution and the Future. Great for kids, too.

34. Beach Buggy Blitz
A fun driving game in which you collect power-ups and performance-boosting upgrades, unlock new vehicles and collect new characters. Awesome fun and great graphics make Beach Buggy Blitz an easy download.

35. Machinarium
Josef the robot is on a mission to save girlfriend Berta from the Blackcap Brotherhood in this award-winning adventure game.

36. Hitman GO
Agent 47’s latest outing is a quasi-board game that plays like the leadup to a game of Cluedo. Initially odd, but ultimately rewarding.

37. Marvel Contest of Champions
If you love your superheroes and fighting games then you’ll love Contest of Champions. Level up characters and build your own team of champions in this graphically stunning fighter game.

38. Thomas Was Alone
Satisfying special gameplay takes second place to the compelling writing and characterization. You’ll never care more about a bunch of squares.

39. Badland
Gorgeous sidescrolling, jump-based platformer, and winner of three awards. Worth downloading for the stunning visuals alone.

40. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Rockstar has retooled its genre-defining franchise for Android, and you can pick up GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas for criminally good gaming wherever you go.

41. Criminal Case
Are you ready to test your detective skills? This is a hidden object game with an actual storyline: investigate crime scenes for clues and help the Police of Grimsborough crack murder cases.

42. Modern Combat 5 Blackout
Gameloft’s answer to Call of Duty on the PC or consoles, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a meaty game which includes both singleand multiplayer modes.

43. Goat Simulator
What started out as an Internet joke has now landed on Android. Play as a goat and wreck as much stuff as possible in this fantastic mess of a game.

44. Crazy Taxi City Rush
Crazy Taxi City Rush rewards you for insane driving as you race around doing whatever it takes to get your passengers to their destination on time.

45. You Must Build A Boat
Sequel to 10000000, this builds on the original tile-matching puzzle meets running game with a boat. You have to build it, assemble a crew, and explore whatever dungeons you pass as you float down river.

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